Indoor/outdoor Cleaning

We only use biodegradable products that respect the environment. We have a specific product for each job.
Guaranteed results

Outdoor cleaning

We have 2 types of exterior cleaning:

  • SIB Express which consists on washing down with bickets of water, stain and saltpeter elimination. From 3 euros per lineal meter.
  • SIB total cleaning: A deep washing down with bickets of water in all the deck, fibers, teka, glasses and INOX. Hand cleaning to eliminate all the stains and impressions. Drying and polish glasses and INOX. From 5 euros per lineal meter.

Discounts for annual or semi-annual contract. Discounts for 2nd and next monthly cleanings.

Charter companies and from the nautical sector, ask  prices and conditions.

Indoor cleaning

We leave the inside of your boat like the first day, we take care of every last detail.

Punctual cleaning, end of work, start / end of season …. we adapt to your needs.

Our professional team will use the ideal products for each surface.

We use air fresheners with microorganisms that in addition of eliminating and preventing odors prevents the formation of malodorous molecules, leaving a very pleasant smell.

Check prices and discounts.

Bilgue and tank cleaning

Hull clenaing

Inflatable boat and bumpers cleaning