We are a company with more than 5 years of experience in the boat cleaning and maintenance sector.

From the beginning, with our philosophy of work is based on quality, confidence, we have worked hard to achieve the level of excellence that we  did not find in the boat cleaning sector.

We seek perfection, for this we have perfectly trained staff, aware of our way of working and submitted to high levels of quality. The customer must always be satisfied. We want closeness with the client, and we return the trust they place in us with the best job.

Loyal to this way of working we have established ourselves in Valencia, being today a consolidated and leader boat cleaning company in the Marina of Valencia.

Step by step we have managed to have a team of professionals and collaborators to offer customers a comprehensive service for their boats. Our clientes do not have to worry about anything.

Our works include cleaning, laundry, painting, fiber, mechanics and electricity.

Since a few months we have a store and office in a privileged area of ​​the Marina of Valencia, where you can find from a shackle, through a defense, to a catwalk, life raft …

Miguel Ferrá


Elena García